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Szombat, 2021. január 16., 10.28

Adventi vásár a Szent Ferenc Alapítványnál

Írta: Gáspár-Barra Réka
2013. november 28., 18.39 Csütörtök / Hunyad

A dévai Szent Ferenc Alapítvány gyermekei az idei advent minden vasárnapján reggel 9 és délután 3 óra között ünnepi kirakodóvásárt rendeznek a helyi Nagyboldogasszony templom előtti téren. 

A vásáron az alapítványnál nevelkedő gyermekek, saját készítésű kézműves tárgyaikat kínálják eladásra. Minden érdeklődőt, vásárlót nagy szeretettel várnak!

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Hozzászólt: Nancy / Szombat, 2014. június 28., 16.18 Válaszoljál rá!

I actually am welfuoly unaware of how the NYN and RRTs work. I know Ms Page created the CYN when I was a DAC-Y and she the CDC-Y for Cascadia. I found it to be well, we got what we put into it, and we didn't put in much.I would hope that the NYN would be a little more involved and create some youth initiatives, programs and challenges.I have removed myself pretty much entirely from all the Scouting politics, which has made my life a lot easier to breathe in. This stemmed from moving to a new Council a few years ago, and then again relocating within my original council. I stepped down from higher volunteer positions and went back to being a plain ol' youth. I can only assume my current DAC-Y is working with the other youth reps in the area.I know she has a few FOCUS courses organised, but other than that, I simply have no idea.I think the NYN operates on that type of MO as well. Unless you're a part of it, you don't know what's going on. It's not that they're hiding it, per se, but perhaps not letting the rest of us know by not publishing anything to the Scouting youth. I will be submitting an application for the ANYC- West. I don't think I have strong enough qualifications on paper. I think that my age and life experiences can lend me a more level head and a better well to draw from when working with others with other, and most definitely varied backgrounds. But how does a total stranger know that? I can say what I want in a cover letter, but I can't recount an incident where my background led me to victory without sounding like a total knob.

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